Evaluation essay topics

25 Evaluation Essay Topics For College Students

Following a particular criterion, an evaluation essay provides significant judgments about a specific subject. Basically, the evaluation essay is a particular combination of arguments which are supported by the evidences about writer’s point of view. In this article, we will list out 25 Evaluation Essay Topics for College Students.

Evaluation Essay Topics in Entertainment Category

  1. An evaluation essay about the most high rated fantasy movie “Lords of the Ring”
  2. Evaluate the movie “Blood Diamond” and discuss how it helps telling the world about illegal transformation of previous diamond from Africa.
  3. How educational TV shows help in improving overall performance of college students.
  4. How Bollywood film industry is being exploited by Indian politicians to propagate their particular agendas? Give examples of few movies and discuss.
  5. Discuss some of the most popular TV shows that are promoting racism in your country in one way or the other.
  6.  How the movie “Pearl Harbor” portrays the surprise attack of Japanese Air Strike against United States in Honolulu, Hawaii?
  7.  Give your analysis on a film which was made in a foreign country. Tell your readers about the leading cast of the film that how successfully they acted their roles.
  8. Which one has bigger impact on thinking and reshaping of society? Movies or TV shows?   
  9. Tell about your favorite comedy show on local TV channel – Discuss the theme, host and other characters of the show.   

Evaluation Essay Topics in Foods Category

  1. Fast food industry is making people obese and sick. So fast foods should be banned because they must not be allowed to play with the health of people.
  2. Quick comparison of McDonald’s and KFC food chain. Which one has the bigger range of foods?
  3. Chinese restaurants have defeated major American restaurants in major cities of Europe. Evaluate the authenticity of this claim!
  4.  What makes Birch Coffee and Starbucks better than the other coffee shops in America? How they have been maintaining their operations throughout the region?
  5. Can we easily find inexpensive American food chains in UK? Is the quality and taste compromised at lower cost?
  6. Compare and evaluate prices of different Italian restaurants offering Italian fast food at affordable prices.
  7. One of the most elegant American Restaurant “Robson Ranch Grill” has the best golf course and mountain views.
  8. Give an overview of the best wedding venues as per food choices. Which one would you recommend as the best venue and why?

Evaluation Essay Topics in Cultural Category

  1. The cultural differences between the young and old generation – why the young generation doesn’t care about their acquaintance?
  2.  Discuss similarities and differences between eastern and western lifestyle – What makes them totally different from each other?
  3. What’s the worst impact of religious extremism in Indian Culture? Is it something that is slowly stripping off India’s status as the largest democracy in the world?
  4. England has been maintaining its cultural values very successfully for the last many centuries. Are they still maintaining their cultural values?
  5. How some movies have badly tarnished the image of Chinese joint family system? Give few names of the movies and discuss.
  6.  An American would always find it difficult to mingle into Russian society due to their environmental differences.
  7. People living in coldest regions of the world find it too hard to survive with the old tradition. 
  8. Canada is the only country in the world which has allowed communities from different religions and regions to be part of their own culture.

Bonus: Evaluation Essay Topics

  1. Discuss soccer team of your country – who is the player that inspires you the most? 
  2. Speculate on recently introduced educational strategies in UK schools and Colleges – How satisfied are you with their impact on your society?
  3. Regular motivational speaking sessions can make a real big difference in life of overstressed people. Give your own opinions!
  4. How psychological education is important for personality grooming of college students?     
  5. Some of the best gadgets for improving gaming experience. List out some of your most favorite gadgets.

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