Cause and effect essay topics

25 Cause and Effect Essay Topics For College Students

Writing a “Cause & Effect Essay” may be the most favorite task for many college students.  It is an interesting to research and simple to write essay writing task so most people like it. Though, some topics may require you to spend more time in research, you can still finish writing it in less time. This particular task is usually assigned to the students during their basic courses at high schools and colleges.

In a “Cause & Effect Essay”, you simply analyze a situation with its causes and then tell what would be the possible outcome of that particular situation. So it is important to choose a topic that allows you to talk about both causes as well as effects. Here is our selection of some very good topics for you.

Technology Related Topics

  1. The modern trend of online shopping and its worst impact to the new generation.  
  2. Battle fight video games – How they are inspiring young generation to fight in real life.
  3. Availability of instant messaging apps has brought negative impact in the productively level at workplace.  
  4. The excessive use of Smartphone by the kids is destroying their health and fitness and the future outcome could be even worse.  
  5. Google Search Engine will continue dominating in the next 25-50 years. How this would influence propaganda based search results.  

Health Related Topics

  1. How stressful work environment affect workers’ personal lives?
  2. Young girls choice of abortion – how it impacts their health and productive organs?
  3. Why HIV/AIDS seems to be uncontrollable in African countries and why governments don’t take serious actions?  
  4. What prevents an effective treatment of cancer? What are the most effective treatment methods of cancer?
  5. How rapidly changing climate is affecting people’s life? What can be done to save people from rapid climate change in the world?

Education Related Topics          

  1. What could be the possible negative impact of homeschooling of children?
  2. Why obese students don’t perform well in their academic career? Is it society or something else?
  3. The inequality in our educational system is creating communication gap among the students from poor and rich families.
  4. How professional academic writing services in UK are influencing students’ performance?
  5. Why the parents fail to keep a watch on mischievous activities of their college-going children? Have they turned blind eyes or government policies don’t allow them to stop them.

History Related Topics

  1. What were the worst consequences of Pearl Harbor incident? Did it stop Second World War?
  2. Why Hitler hated Jews so much? Did he have any personal reasons for such hateful act?
  3. Soviet Union could not save its empire! What were the actual causes for its collapse?
  4. What caused two nuclear powers Pakistan and India fought three wars? Is it religion or something else?
  5. Why the invaders never maintained their victory in ungoverned Afghanistan?  

Religion Related Topics

  1. How Christianity and Islam and influencing lives of young people?  
  2. Many organizations collect funds in the name of religion but don’t spend on poverty stricken people in their territories- Why there is no check and balance?  
  3. How the modern society and religion can survive together by supporting each other?
  4. In many countries religion is strictly prohibited to follow. Should everyone be allowed to follow his or her own faith without any restrictions?
  5. In regions where religion is practiced, crime rates are much lower – do you agree with it?

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