25 Argumentative essay topics For College Students – Find Perfect Argumentative essay topics For Your Essay

Argumentative essay writing is always a challenging task for most of the students as they have to work on various sections. However, the most important step to create a great argumentative essay is to choose a flexible topic that provides you an opportunity to present your best ideas.

A good topic provides a strong base and therefore, you must try to choose a topic that interests you and give you a lot to discuss. To give you some ideas, we have shortlisted 25 argumentative essay topics for college students. We have also divided the topics into two categories i.e broad and specific topics.

Broader Argumentative Essay Topics 

1: Human rights violation in Different Regions of the World: there are various regions in the world where human rights violation is a regular practice. In most of the places, it is carried out in the name of religion and cast system. There is a lot to discuss in this topic.

2: Criminal Mentality in Young Generation of 21st Century: why the young people are more attracted towards crimes, terror and bullying. You can discuss the major factors like society, family background, parents’ relationship etc.

3: Possible Use of Nuclear Weapon – is End of the World Near? How some countries are putting entire world population in great danger? Do you believe only a nuclear weapon can stop use of another nuclear weapon?

4: The Death Penalty for Murderers and Rapists Should Not Be Banned? What do you think about it? Will it stop murder and rape of innocent people? Is there anything else that could stop criminals committing such heinous crimes?

5: How Useful Smartphone is for students? Is the use of Smartphone is making education better or actually spoiling students’ mind. How to control those who exploit Smartphone in collages?

6: The Government Should Enforce Richest People of Their Country to Support in Elevating Life of Poor People in Their Country. How practical would it be? Would it be fair to ask someone spend money for others?

7: Is Modern Lifestyle Making Our Lives Even More Complicated? The use of Smartphone, social networks, video streaming, whatsapp and facebook statues are making us more of public property. We are losing our privacy.

8: Family Holidays Must Not Be Wasted in Watching Movies or Chatting with Friends. Holidays must be spent together with all the family members. There is a lot of beauty in good family relationship.

9: Men Usually Demand for Higher Salaries Than Women Because They Are More Efficient? Is it true? Can professional women may be trusted and given bigger responsibilities like men?

10: How Students Can Make Their Life An Example for Others After Graduation? Do you think they should go for further studies rather than hunting for a job at this level? Is it wise to enter the professional life right after graduation?

Specific Argumentative Essay Topics 

11: Distant Learning: Distance education is better than traditional education system. There are a lot of advantages of distance learning system.

12: Advertisement: Using girls as an element of attraction in advertisement is a shameful act and it must be discouraged.

13: Paper Books: Paper books are quickly disappearing from the academic system. Government must take serious actions to encourage people prefer paper books.

14: Forest and Humans: Forests cover a huge part of the world! Should they be destroyed to enlarge land for humans? Would it disturb natural life of other inhabitants of the world?

15: Divorce and Impact over Children: Parents must think about their kids before getting divorced.

16: Online Privacy Protection: Why privacy protection is extremely important for college students while using social networks?

17: Present and Past Life: People forget your past but remember your present. So spend more time making your present better than regretting over past.

18: Marriage Per Status: Before you marry someone, don’t forget to check their status. Do you agree with it?

19: Academic Life Comparison: College life has much more is much better than school life

20: Generation Gape: The new generation is busier in their facebook and instagram life and they don’t care people around them especially their parents.

21: Unnecessary Tasks for students: Students are unnecessarily overburdened by the colleges. They must be given free space to enjoy their life.

22: Friends and Family: If you have to choose from your friends or family, who would you choose and why?

23: Gun Control: Authorities must control the use of weapons by the young children.

24: Students Loan: Students must try to get the minimal loans as this will help them keep their expenditure under control

25: Homeschooled Kids: Homeschooling – not a good idea to prepare a kid for college life.

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