A large number of students get enrolled in graduation as well as doctoral programs but how many of them really get involved in formal writing process at a certain level where they are capable of applying for publication of their academic articles in high rated academic or scholarly journals? Not many. Online Research Journals are considered to be the most transparent forums where the research in a particular academic discipline can be presented, scrutinized and discussed. The academic journals can usually be referred or peer reviewed. Thus everyone who wishes to get its article published in one of the Top Journals must have unique kills and impressive portfolio.


Before we talk about the process of article publication, it is important to know the answers of the following questions:

What is the purpose of academic journals?          

The main purpose of academic journals is to share new findings through research, to present unique piece of information or to give reports in a certain field of studies.

Are there any particular Subject accepted in journals?   

Well, the articles can be written in any area of studies and research but it is often used to talk about one discipline or its sub discipline and published in relevant journals.

What’s the process for publication?

Each article has to go through a peer review process where it is reviewed by an expert author before it is sent for final publication. It is a complex and long process and 95% of submitted articles have to go through this process.

Where the academic journals can be accessed?

There are two main places where these journals can be accessed by the general readers i.e. libraries or online database which can either be free to subscription based.

What are the benefits of article publication?

The benefits of article publication in academic journals are countless such as:

  • Most of the universities expect students to get their articles published
  • Students become more confident about their research and writing skills
  • The door opens for great job opportunities
  • Development of connections with professors and researchers


It is quite difficult to make huge adjustment in life and spend most part of your day in preparation for publication of academic article. Writing is something that requires hard working, focus and preparation. If you think that one day you will learn to write without even trying, that’s not possible because you must have a realistic approach and learn to write rather than wait to write. You have to take steps and create plans to move into the right direction. When you start an article how many days you need to finish it? Surely, the number of days depends upon the skills that you have. For example, if you know:

  • How to create a careful structure of your article
  • How to find out the most authentic data
  • How to analyze the findings and data
  • How to have the discussions and arguments
  • How to find the most suitable journals
  • How to meet with the specific requirement of selected journal
  • How to deal with peer reviewers recommendation
  • How to response peer reviewers feedback
  • Other important aspects of A-Z steps

If you have all the above mentioned skills, you can easily finish your well research article, that could be accepted for publication in academic journals database, in few days or else you will have to spend from weeks to the months. Since most of the undergraduate students feel themselves at very beginning stage of academic writing, we can’t expect them to finish their work just in few days because they really can’t do it.


Have you just finished writing a journal article and now looking for a scholarly article database to get it published? Well, the best way to find a platform is to seek help from your advisors, mentors and experienced scholars (if you know some) who can give you the best advice. However, if you want to do it on your own, you must bear in mind that it can be really a big challenge but ultimately you will find your place. First of all, you should answer these questions:

Who is your audience and where you can find them?

You can find them in professional organizations, communities, societies, conferences, seminars, meetings and other events related to your field of studies.

Where did you find the material for your academic journal articles? Where did you to go read similar topics than yours?

You must have visited to libraries, journals, disciplinary indexes or databases and there are the places where you can find the right audience for your article. A librarian, advisor and mentor and even your colleagues can help you find the best places where you can meet the most appropriate audience for your article. We are giving a short list of academic journals and search engines just to give you an idea:


Once you submit your article for publication, it has to go through peer review process. Though, the process can be varied for different journals, usually it follows the similar pattern given below:

  • Step # 1: As an author, you will submit your article to your selected journal.
  • Step # 2: The editorial board of the journal will have the first look and decide if your article should be sent for review or be rejected immediately. They can either accept or reject.
  • Step # 3: If the editorial board gives clearance and gives green single, the article is sent for peer review.
  • Step # 4: Now the ball is in the pocket of peer reviewers and they can choose one from three options:
  • Option # 1: Reject Immediately: If the quality of article does not meet the basic requirement of peer reviewers, they will immediately reject.
  • Option # 2: Accept Immediately: If the quality is up to the mark and does not require any revisions, it will be accepted without any demand of revisions. However, it happens in rare cases when an article is accepted without any revisions and regarded as approved peer reviewed articles
  • Option # 3: Accept Improved Version: if the article is ok but still require some changes to meet the requirement for publication, it will be accepted with recommended changes.

In the third option, changes are recommended by the reviewers and the author should make recommended changes before it is resubmitted to the editorial board. Sometimes, More than one revision is required and it is good for the author as in the results, his/her best work in form of peer reviewed journal articles undergo for final publication.


If you think you will just start and publish your article in an academic journal that’s not possible because you have to spend time and wait with patience for the results. Spend some time in finding the academic sources which show interest in publication of the themes as well as method that you use. When you locate a journal, go through its specific features so you could decide if this is what you are looking for. Read the previously published scholarly journal articles

To understand what kind of research papers and paradigms got published. It is also important to know editors as well as main editorial board members to be able to know what they find more suitable for publication.

5 Most Reliable Places to Find Best Online Courses on Artificial Intelligence

5 Most Reliable Places to Find Best Online Courses on Artificial Intelligence

In modern day world, one of the most popular technologies is known as Artificial Intelligence which is basically the theory and understanding of machines. Do you want to know what is AI course and what can you learn through it? Well, in Artificial Intelligence courses, you can study how to develop computer programs that makes machines smarter to perform the tasks that usually requires kind of human intelligence like language translation, visual perception, speech recognition, decision making etc.

How to Study Artificial Intelligence?

There are a number of ways to study Artificial Intelligence but the best of all is MOOCs which stands for massive open online courses.  EdX, Coursera, Udemy and various other popular websites allow you to take MOOCs. You might also learn about it through articles as well as video tutorials but specifically designed courses would get you much deeper and clearer understanding of the subject. For example, if you are looking for essay writing service, you will not be ready to get just the random assistance from any writer but you would rather look for someone expert in writing essays.

Why to Learn AI Online?

If you are someone with a full time job or studying to get a regular degree at a college or university, you might prefer to take a regular course in Artificial Intelligence which requires you to spend simply few hours every week. It is possible but most of the courses that are tough at colleges or universities will cost you a lot especially when they are delivered by qualified and experienced AI Professionals. Therefore, if you really wish to study it, online AI Courses could be the best option for you.  To help you find the best courses, we are giving details of some of the most courses available online:

Coursera’s Artificial Intelligence Courses

On Coursera’s website, you can easily find variety of courses which will allow you to choose the one that fits best in your available timeframe and budget. Some of the specialization courses that we found are:

  • Deep Learning – 5 Courses Specialization
  • Machine Learning – 4 Courses Specialization
  • Structuring Machine Learning Projects
  • Neutral Network for Machine Learning
  • Control of Mobile Robots


Udacity – Intro to Artificial Intelligence

At Udacity, you can find a free course that will give you an introduction of Artificial Intelligence. In this particular course, you will be able to learn about the basic fundamentals of AI Technology. This course includes:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Fundamental of AI
  • Applications of AI
  • AI development


EdX – Artificial Intelligence Course

This is an exclusively designed course carried out by the Professor Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Department of Computer Science, Columbia University. The AI Artificial Intelligence Online Course includes the basic fundamentals of AI that will help you solve problems occurring in real world. In this course, you will be able to learn:

  • Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • History of Artificial Intelligence
  • Building Artificial Intelligence Agents
  • AI Applications
  • Solution to AI Related Problems


Udemy – Artificial Intelligence A-Z Course

At Udemy, various courses about Artificial Intelligence can be found and one of them is AI –A-Z course which as gained 4.4 ratings. In this course, you can learn

  • Building of Artificial Intelligence
  • Understanding of Theories
  • Solution to Real World Problems
  • Deep Q Learning
  • Mastering the AI Models


Class Central – Artificial Intelligence | Free AI Online Courses

Class Central is another great place to find and study courses about Artificial Intelligence from top most colleges and universities. Some of the courses that you find at Class Central are:

  • Principles of Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning – Stanford University
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists


Suppose, you have several opportunities to choose or move from your current job position to one of a number of many positions in other companies, and now you have to come to a decision which job opportunity will best suit to you. So, how do you decide on the perfect one for you?

Some standard career management tips have been found and this article will present them as answer to the above mentioned question. I recommend these standard tips to all professional employees despite of their job position, business industry and organization, levels of knowledge and work experience, or future ambitions. These all things are very simple and easy to do and they assist in making sure you are taking at least a minimally active role in your overall professional development. Despite your busiest schedule, you can’t excuse to disregardthe following best tips. Follow them and shine.

1. Keep Your Professional Resume Up-To-Date
In fact, you never know when any best job opportunity will knock your door. Even if you are currently not engaging in hunting job, you need to keep your professional resume ready and up-to-date because this approach will prevent you from getting stuck in the eleventh hour.
Your professional resume is one of the most crucial documents that play a central role in searching job for you. So, you need to pay due attention to your resume and don’t ignore it. If you havenot updated your resume since the beginning of your present job, look at it and integrate the relevant and most up-to-date information. If you don’t have enough things to show in your resume, keep working. Now, while you are not worriedhunting for a new job, is the best time to focus on it.
You never know how and when an ideal job opportunity will open up and you’ll want to take advantage of such an opportunity right away. If you’ve been keen and proactive about updating your resume, you’ll be ready to swoop.

2. Join Professional Associations
Associations have been found as one of the very powerful and influential career tools, but unfortunately there is a majority of people who do not pay attention to them. Explore what is available for professional people who share your job role in the same industry where you work. Joining the group and attending the meetings on regular basis is imperative. Most of the associations offer precious continuing education opportunities, along with the opportunity to interact with some of the elite professionals in the field or industry where you currently work.
I also suggest you that if you have enough time and schedule lets you to voluntarily serve on the leadership board. By actively participating you’ll become familiar with your fellow members by meeting and interacting with them. Keep in your mind that you can collaborate with each other, share your knowledge and experiences, establish best professional practices and even discover more new and smart opportunities. Associations pay due attention to your resume and are supportive networks to tap when job hunting, but don’t wait until you need the guidance and assistance for career management. So, it is the time to get involved and start forming you relationships with professionals.

3. Get Help from a Mentor
An expert mentor has the ability to assist and guide you through your career by sharing his/her extensive knowledge and practical experiences and by offering you realistic career advice. So, you just need to find a professional mentor in your own field or industry whose overall professional career you’d like to follow. Remember, avoid finding someone who has the job you would like to do in the future. Your focus should be on finding a mentor who has the ability to demonstrate the character traits you would like to develop and improve in yourself.
Try to develop a professional mentorship relationship with your mentor. Defining precisely what the means to you and how you want the relationship to work is essential. As an instance, you and your mentor can arrange a teatime meeting on monthly basis with the core aim of discussing specific issues you are currently experiencing or career goals you are making efforts to achieve them. Make sure your mentor is very eager to listen and learn.
If your mentor is incapable or reluctant to commit to assisting you, go ahead because a mentorship relationship is based on mutually shared approach and is a two-way street. You need somebody who sees and understands your needs, wants and value to assist you in climbing the ladder of successful career.

4. Maintain a List of Achievements and Accomplishments
With the passage of time of your career progression, you need to maintain an up-to-date list of your achievements. Whether your achievements are small or bog, all should be recorded in your resume. If you maintain a file of back-up evidence, it should be great. In fact, your list of victories and achievements is one of the best tools to pull out during interviews for jobs or performance reviews. In your list, you can and should mention your specific hard work, endeavors and projects you have successfully finished. You can also mention in-depth details about how your professional knowledge and work experience impacted the business. Moreover, while refreshing and updating your resume, it is imperative to open up and look at the list to get inspiration for the achievements you would like to highlight. This approach will assist in making your resume very influential, compelling and engaging and demonstrative of your core skills and capabilities.

5. Become a Mentor
Irrespective of where you are currently positioned in your career, there is somebody who can take advantage of your extensive knowledge and experience. Find such an individual who needs career management help and take him/her under your wing. In fact, being a career advisor as mentor is a superb opportunity to get and improve knowledge while you teach. As a mentor, you can share your expertknowledge, give your professional advice and provide assistance to someone else to grow while, simultaneously, improving your own knowledge, skills and experience of leadership.
Develop the mentorship relationship with the person who is taught by you in the similar fashion mentioned above. Being a mentor, you need to make your proposal precise and clear and be honest about what is involved. Keep the person informed what you observe in him/her and now what you will offer. One of the crucial tasks is finding the right person who really comprehends the mentorship merits and wishes to gain expert knowledge from you. However, if you start looking, you will see how quickly several potential candidates are coming.

Bottom Line
Do you want to progresson your job or are your looking for a new and smart-paid job? Follow the above mentioned guidelines and tips carefully and shine. The current workplace and employment environment is very competitive and you can’t afford to get lazy in this environment.

Most Significant Benefits of Essay writing online

When it comes to exploring the benefits or advantages of writing in a detailed manner then this thing becomes more obvious that a person needs to be creative most of the time. This is crucial to comprehend this aspect that creativity does have a huge influence on the writing abilities of the people. Therefore, with the help of these resources such as essay writers UK, cheap essays, and essay writers UK people are able to produce marvelous pieces of writing.

There is no point of denying this attribute that students of the modern era have to focus on the different demands of writing seriously. This is because of the reason that students of this age like to spend most of their time in socializing and exploring different interactive things over internet. Therefore, with the passage of time their writing skills have been declined and this decline needs to be stopped at any cost as early as possible.

As a whole, it can be said that the art of writing is dying these days because students are not interested in writing anymore. Therefore, this trend should be changed as quickly as possible so that the future generations should not perceive the writing practice as weird and impossible.

Why Students Prefer Approaching Online Custom Essay Writing Services Than Traditional Support Centers?

A lot of students look for professional custom essay writers but they do not have much time to visit their service centers and discuss their academic problems. Hence, the best option for them is to look for online services which can quickly consider their needs with unique considerations. It is quite important to comprehend the requirements and demands of the students and only those writing agencies which are doing it best are capable of earning the trust of their clients who are mostly the students.


The worldwide requests of clients incorporate more modern framework and criteria. These online services incorporate the need and necessities of such clients on their websites, for example, kind of custom paper required, online payment system, picking proficient author, downloading, conveying and so forth. Pricing and privacy are likewise an integral part for choosing an excellent custom essays service.

People are inclined towards simpler procedures to place writing order service; they do not like lengthier procedures and so they lean toward utilizing information technology to buy custom writing services. The ease with writing project that they get from online writing agencies is what makes them get attracted towards this particular option.

Through online services, it is simpler for the clients to get access to the professional writers. These days, nobody is interested to buy traditional or offline services of essay writing, it is only time consuming as you need to spare time to visit such writing centers. These online writing services aim to provide easy access to information to its potential clients who seek for their professional assistance of essay writing. Online custom essays services provide their professional services to various customers at one time according to their needs and demand.

Why to Get Professional Writers Help in Producing Quality College Essays

Sometimes, it can be quite tough to get high grades to qualify for the next stages of your education and this is because there are so many things that can distract you to maintain your focus in production of unique and quality essays. Moreover, a large majority of students often lack in writing skills thus it becomes even harder for them to write according to the certain criteria provide by their professors.


However students can always seek for an experts’ assistance especially if they know that there are a large number of professional groups out there that will help them with your essays, dissertations, term papers and other research and writing projects. UK essay help online can easily be availed because these aim to provide online help for the students in their essay writing projects. There is nothing wrong to take such assistance if you wish to get your work done professional with 100% original content.

Not all but many reliable and well-known writing agencies in UK have got some really qualified professionals who are in practice for many years and have got real potential to assist students in really great essays.

Those writers can either provide you with original and quality content or they can provide you with some guiding tips that could help out to write great essays. You can also get asses to the genuine source of information to collect the material for your essay as it is extremely important to include authentic information available at reliable sources.  You can get UK essay help online whenever you want to produce strong and well-structured essays.

How ToHave A Reverse Outline Of Your Essay Draft?

When you are done with drafting of your essay, it is advisable to do a reverse outline of it as a reverse outline is an awesome exercise to review your essay thoroughly. This helps you to spot the holes that are missed in your reasoning along with the spelling and grammatical errors. You can also get UK essay help online for certain guidelines. Below you can find some of the points to go through your write-up for better version.


1: Read andMake Notes

Does your essay make sense? If you have given a lot of information but you are failed to make things sense, you are at the wrong place and you really need to make things clear for your readers or else they will be completely lost which will be resulted into skipping your essay. Check out the examples that you have used and be sure if they are relevant or not. Check if you are on the right track and close to your thesis statement.

2: Sequence of Paragraphs

While reading you may find that the flow of paragraphs is not appropriate which will make reading awful and to maintain a proper flow, you can change the sequence of paragraphs and sentences. Numbering can help you to easily identify them in later stages. Some writers use a lot of paragraphs or break longer parts into smaller ones but if it seems like things are broken or senseless or you reach at a different paragraph right after a smooth one, this will cause trouble spots for readers. So make sure to use proper paragraphing patterns.

3: MakeOutline

You can make sections of your draft to make a basic outline to see what major points of every section are.Now examine your outline to see the parts that should be redrafted to maintain the consistency and flow.However, if you encounter some difficulty then you can approach professional UK essay help online to make a reverse outline of your draft done professionally.However, it is better to do everything yourself as this will help you improve and polish your skills.

How to Write a Strong Essay Body?

What is the reason that you are unable to score well in your essays? Have you really pondered over it? As a matter of fact, if something is not structured properly, it implies that there is something missing which will be resulted into unexpected results.Although a strong and impressive introduction and conclusion makes your essay worthy to read, body is main part where you present all your arguments. An effective essay writing help can provide you with the basic topics to develop a strong essay body.

  • The best way to develop a strong body of an essay is to utilize supporting elements with examples to discuss the main argument of your essay.
  • Your ideas should not be broad and vague but you should break them into few sentences and explain one after the other with examples to make a concrete body.
  • Use a separate paragraph for each idea; this will make it easy for the readers to comprehend your essay.
  • It is also important to maintain a proper linkage between the paragraphs of the body to maintain the unity in the essay.
  • Your each paragraph must support the main idea of the topic for instance the main idea of your topic is about the importance of saving money, you can explain why saving money is important in one paragraph and what are the benefits of it in another.
  • There must be a proper flow of the sentences and each sentence in your paragraphs represents the main idea to maintain the coherence of the body.

By following the above tips you can write a good essay, however, taking assistance of essay writing help can further ease your work. Sometimes, you find it difficult to understand the right way to move forward with your work and in such a condition you better look for professional help instead of risking your grades.


Break Writer’s Block Now and Bring Passion in Your Writing

Every professional writer has to go through writer’s block when he feels like NOT moving forward and starts thinking whatever he has written is just the waste of time and nobody gives it value. If you are going through the same, it is important for you to know that even the most popular writers of human history had to go through this strange condition, sometime in their life. Therefore, one must never get disappointed but take it as a chance to rest for some time and restart with a new passion to do something even better than ever before.

No matter if you are a creative writer, fiction, journalist, novelist, professional writing service UK or even a student who has to do lots of academic writing, someday you might reach at the point where you feel no inspiration in your own work. Now the question is what can you do to break this block and bring passion in your writing? Well, there is one amazing thing which you should definitely do:


Ignore the Bigger Picture & Look at Smaller One

As a student or a professional writer, you might be thinking of creating something that could get you an award for the best writer and of course, this is a great dream and might help you do something better. However, having such big dream may also make you sit right in front of your computer screen for hours but at the end of the day, you may be shocked to see when you have written nothing. To avoid such disappointing situation and to bring back the lost passion in your writing, you need to do the following things:

  • Just forget your dreams, goals and targets unless you are successful in breaking writers’ block
  • Don’t push yourself to finish an entire book within the same day
  • Don’t look at your watch that how much time you have spent
  • Just keep writing one word after another one
  • Don’t worry about the mistakes you have made just keep writing as much as possible

At the end of day, you will be satisfied to see your work and this will definitely break writer’s block and bring your passion back about writing. Most of the writers and researchers who belong to Writing Service UK, follow the same strategy to keep themselves fully motivated.